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Noooo!! I cannot believe this is happening again, and people are bidding!
The above seller, territerry987, aka pixelmari, aka Mary Walker, is well known scammer in the Sailor Moon community. Last year she tried to sell GE’s Star Locket necklace as her own creation in an eBay auction, and now it seems she is doing the same with the upcoming Miracle Romance makeup compact. Her eBay account is littered with negative feedback about being scammed on postage and receiving damaged items, all with the seller refusing to give a refund.
As the makeup compact isn’t released yet I would SOOOOO not trust a random on eBay with taking my money and sending the item when it’s released, let alone a known scammer like Mary Walker. If you really want the compact, try a trustworthy source like a well-known deputy - no doubt the bidding on this will probably escalate over the next few days so it will probably cost you less to go through a deputy anyways!
Please please please stay away from this seller!!!!!!!!

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    Screw this scamming bitch. Don’t fuck with my Sailor Moon
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    Signal boosting! I can’t believe she’s STILL at it.
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    OMG it’s up to $77.78 USD now, with a further 7 bids. WHY OH WHY
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    Signal Boost this please! Don’t buy from e-bay before the product’s released and ALWAYS background check sellers as,...
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    SERIOUSLY?! She’s STILL a problem? -_- Don’t be stupid guys. DO NOT BID ON THESE THINGS ON EBAY. Beware!!! Beware!!!...